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Finch (
Date:Wed 20 Jul 2016 04:37:50 PM EDT

Gurney, Bearing in mind the proximity of the train station to Carrow Road, it%26#8217;s feasible that he was actually stood there doing a head count, then he%26#8217;s probably gone down to the Compleat Angler and canvassed the views of reds in there and waddya know, we have the same old sweeping generalisations that Nick Hancock was peddling years ago until he was %26#%26nl0;ge2t2y8#8221; put right by a couple of reds on train back from Euston after a match at Highbury a few years ago. If it%26#8217;s not that then the likelihood is that MC083 could be telling porkies. That%26#8217;s where my money is, say it ain%26#8217;t so, MCO

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